Are you alt enough?

In a time when everything that you put in your body is important, friends of the DTR Management network have developed and brought to market an amazing new product...

We love alt It’s a mindset. It says there is always an alternative to the mainstream if you care enough. That’s what led us to hemp- nature’s undiscovered secret weapon.


Hemp Protein

Our Hemp Protein is made from 100% Australian hemp seeds and is ready to eat. This plant based protein contains 16.3 grams of protein per serve. Protein serving suggestion: For a protein, boost add one heaped tablespoon to your smoothies and shakes, pancakes, baked goods, raw treats and any other recipe to elevate it.

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Personally I am a big fan because of its flavour, how it mixes with all other ingredients in my smoothies and to top it off it is Australian owned and made. - Daniel Roberts - DTR Management Director/Owner

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