Breakthrough world rankings...Steve mckenna

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

DTR Sports Management's Steve McKenna takes home a strong payday thanks to his 1,300 points and therefore his second place in the Challenge Family World Rankings.

This season has seen Steve claim victories at Challenge Gunsan, Challenge Vietnam and second places at Challenge China and Challenge Capetown.

"The goal was top 5 and I thought it was very ambitious. To me 2nd place or exceeding my expectations reflects a lot hard work/sacrifice and in 6-8months I’ve become a whole new athlete. It certainly wasn’t achieved alone! I’ll never forget the people who support this selfish goal from family, close friends, my partner, my coach @timbo_reed who has taken me from battler to less of a battler in a very short period and of course sponsors.

A huge thanks to @challengefamily also, you guys make every race experience unforgettable, you really do care about the athletes and the sport!" Steve McKenna

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