DTR's Mick Lewandowski talks about his race at Tweed Enduro...

F U N day racing Tweed Enduro with a couple of high-class age groupers Nathan Dortmann and Ryan Miller taking first and second. Well done boys & thanks for a fun race.

2:30am wake-up for QLDers or 3:30am for New South Welshman due to daylight savings. Smash a massive bowl of rice, honey and soy milk a bottle of Irise and a black coffee with time to digest that before the 6:10am race start.

S W I M - One way from point A to point B with an outgoing tide made it a nice smooth swim for everyone. I averaged 1:08 per 100m swimming catch-up freestyle with a stroke rate of about 22.

B I K E - Four lap out and back. First 1 and 3/4 laps solo. Once the pace line caught me up, the race became a lot more enjoyable and made pushing those watts much more worthwhile. Did what I had to stay on the back of that pace line for the last two laps. Thanks to the big unit off the front who dragged our arses around the course, you made my day.

R U N - we hit T2 as a group of four after the big unit (not @samgolong) finished his aqua bike. I knew I hadn’t done the work to match Nathan and Ryan on the run. So, this was more about staying calm and having legs to finish strong and try to hold third. Three laps of an out and back course along the pathways of #Pottsville

Nailed my nutrition, first time I’ve got that right. Did the bike on a grape flavoured custom blend from Infinit Nutrition Oz 90g per hour of carbs in that mix. Completed the run on grape flavoured Infinit napalm which ends up being about 50g per hour of carbs. Everything else along the way was just water.






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