DTR's Nathan Dortmann talks about his win at 2021 Tweed Enduro

Race report:

Even if nothing goes your way, it doesn’t mean you are not set for success...

Wake up 3:15am

Time to get my baguette, Camembert and croissant for breaky... (I wish!) Special protein smoothie for me and I am all set for race day.

Couple of stretches and double checking the bag and we are off to Pottsville.

4:30am on transition

Really dark, raining already but for once I am organised and I have a head lamp (yay!). Meet up with Mick and Brad in transition for a quick chat and making sure we didn’t forget anything before heading to the swim start.

6:20am Rolling Start

Second wave with Mick and Ryan (future podium of the day, (coincidence or maybe destiny ahah?!) Couldn’t avoid noticing that we were all wearing the same skin suit, Cervelo bike and same shoes 🤙🏼.

Lightening swimming pace, I’m in a great shape! Literally flying above the water! Well... the tide helped a little bit.

Grab the bike as quick as possible and catch Leah on the way, telling me I am only 2 min behind Mick. Full of excitement I start hammering the pedals @300w in the best aero position possible (some would say I was penetrating the air and water drops were bouncing off my skin... just saying)

5km later

My computer fell off my bottle cage (but caught it !) and then stopped working...merdouille! Quickly set up my HR on my watch to keep track of my effort. But second problem... struggling putting my bottle back on the frame AND my torpedo really wants to leave me and have fun on its own... (had to hold the aero the whole time and hold the torpedo with my forearms 🤙🏼 barbell complex power)

Pretty much halfway through the ride I finally catch-up to Fishman. Very soon after we are joined by Ryan, Chris and the Time Trial machine who will be pacing us for the remainder of the ride man total respect!

Top 4 guys getting into transition at the same time, the pressure is on!!! Ryan has a blistering transition and leaves first followed by Fishman and me. Finally caught up to him after a few minutes and try to pull away as much as I can! First 2 laps went pretty well but the 3rd one was a real struggle. Cramps started appearing but I can’t relax. I couldn’t figure out if Ryan was catching me or just holding the distance and he just looked like a machine on a mission.

It was easy to see Mick coming as he had the biggest smile of anyone, I’ve ever seen racing! Man, this guy was having a great day

Finished the race in 3h51 (swim assist) on my 4th time there! It was a long time due.

Thank you so much leah for being here and supporting me through my journey and looking after all my nutrition couldn’t do what I do without you.

Thank you Alan for coaching us the way you do. Data is important but internal feedback and zones are as much important as power. Thanks for teaching me that

Thanks to all my sponsors and partners supporting me in my journey. You guys are the best!

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