Epic...! Two Bays ultra 2021

In my consistent pursuit and curiosity to be the best version of myself, I have found that a balance between physical challenges that push you past the boundaries that are put on ourselves, however when completed are amazing teachers and being connected/around amazing humans that inspire and challenge you.

On the weekend I completed my first Two Bays 56km trail ultra marathon which was epic in every way. From the epic views, scenery and landscape to the epic vertical climbing through to every surface you could imagine.

This was inspired through a conversation with Steve Chapman which then turned into commitment and a hell of a weekend.

Big kudos to Steve who despite not being able to travel to Melbourne for the event due to border closures mapped out his own course around Manly and completed the 56km. Also to John Andrew who I was fortunate enough to run past as we crossed over courses halfway between Cape Schanck and Dromana.

Keep challenging what you perceive as possible and you will get to see and learn amazing things...

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